Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Teen TV Website Launched!

Teen TV, one of HOME's media programs, now has its own website, with all the complete two seasons and pilot episode playing on the site. The video's are being hosted by, where Teen TV has it's own channel. Teen TV is a summer intensive media literacy and media production workshop that is part of HOME's Media Lab Partner-ship with public schools. Our teen crew learns the ins and outs of production and produces a magazine style TV show focused on organizations doing positive work in the community and involving teens, which an emphasis on opportunities for teens in the Boston area. Teen TV is a summer job, the crew is paid for their time and we expect only the best. The third year of the Teen TV program was held at English High School's media lab and saw the highest standards yet in production and content. A screening of Teen TV was recently held in the auditorium at English High School and was attended by many of the programs participants. A special 45 minute composite episode was shown, as well and a trailer for Teen TV 2007, which did not have its screening. We are honored to be able to share the Teen TV crew's work with the world!

Check out the website at

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